Technical module that ease execution of onchange in Python code

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Tools for server environment(s)

This project aims to deal with modules related to manage Odoo server environment and provide useful tools.

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
attachment_delete_restrict yostashiro Kev-Roche Restrict Deletion of Attachments
attachment_queue florian-dacosta sebastienbeau Base module adding the concept of queue for processing files
attachment_synchronize florian-dacosta sebastienbeau GSLabIt bealdav Attachment Synchronize
attachment_unindex_content moylop260 ebirbe luisg123v Disable indexing of attachments
auditlog Audit Log
auto_backup Backups database
autovacuum_message_attachment Automatically delete old mail messages and attachments
base_changeset astirpe Track record changesets
base_conditional_image This module extends the functionality to support conditional images
base_cron_exclusion LoisRForgeFlow Allow you to select scheduled actions that should not run simultaneously.
base_custom_info Add custom field in models
base_deterministic_session_gc Provide a deterministic session garbage collection instead of the default random one
base_exception hparfr sebastienbeau This module provide an abstract model to manage customizable exceptions to be applied on different models (sale order, invoice, ...)
base_fontawesome Up to date Fontawesome resources.
base_generate_code Kev-Roche Code Generator
base_jsonify Base module that provide the jsonify method on all models. WARNING: since version the module have been renamed to jsonifier. This module now depends on it only for backward compatibility. It will be discarded in v15 likely.
base_kanban_stage Provides stage model and abstract logic for inheritance
base_kanban_stage_state Maps stages from base_kanban_stage to states
base_m2m_custom_field Customizations of Many2many
base_model_restrict_update Update Restrict Model
base_multi_image Allow multiple images for database objects
base_name_search_improved Friendlier search when typing in relation fields
base_name_search_multi_lang kittiu Name search by multiple active language
base_remote Remote Base
base_report_auto_create_qweb Report qweb auto generation
base_search_fuzzy Fuzzy search with the PostgreSQL trigram extension
base_sequence_option kittiu Alternative sequence options for specific models
base_sparse_field_list_support add list support to convert_to_cache()
base_technical_user Add a technical user parameter on the company
base_time_parameter appstogrow nimarosa Time dependent parameters Adds the feature to define parameters with time based versions.
base_time_window Base model to handle time windows
base_video_link Add the possibility to link video on record
base_view_inheritance_extension Adds more operators for view inheritance
bus_alt_connection Needed when using PgBouncer as a connection pooler
configuration_helper Configuration Helper
database_cleanup Database cleanup
datetime_formatter Helper functions to give correct format to date[time] fields
dbfilter_from_header Filter databases with HTTP headers
excel_import_export kittiu Base module for developing Excel import/export/report
excel_import_export_demo kittiu Excel Import/Export/Report Demo
fetchmail_incoming_log Log all messages received, before they start to be processed.
fetchmail_notify_error_to_sender If fetching mails gives error, send an email to sender
fetchmail_notify_error_to_sender_test Test for Fetchmail Notify Error to Sender
html_image_url_extractor Extract images found in any HTML field
html_text Generate excerpts from any HTML field
iap_alternative_provider sebastienbeau Base module for providing alternative provider for iap apps
jsonifier JSON-ify data for all models
letsencrypt Request SSL certificates from letsencrypt.org
module_auto_update Automatically update Odoo modules
module_change_auto_install legalsylvain Customize auto installables modules by configuration
module_prototyper Prototype your module.
onchange_helper Technical module that ease execution of onchange in Python code
rpc_helper simahawk Helpers for disabling RPC calls
scheduler_error_mailer Scheduler Error Mailer
sentry barsi naglis versada moylop260 fernandahf Report Odoo errors to Sentry
sequence_python Calculate a sequence number from a Python expression
slow_statement_logger Log slow SQL statements
sql_export Export data in csv file with SQL requests
sql_export_excel Allow to export a sql query to an excel file.
sql_export_mail Send csv file generated by sql query by mail.
sql_request_abstract legalsylvain Abstract Model to manage SQL Requests
test_base_time_window Test Base model to handle time windows
upgrade_analysis Performs a difference analysis between modules installed on two different Odoo instances


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.