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Point of Sale

Odoo modules for Point of Sale.

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
pos_access_right Point of Sale - Extra Access Right for certain actions
pos_customer_comment legalsylvain Display Customer comment in the PoS front office and allow to edit and save it by the cashier
pos_daily_sales_reports_category_only Show Sales Reports by Category
pos_default_partner Add a default customer in pos order
pos_discount_all legalsylvain Display discount amount on PoS cashier screen and print it on ticketcalculated from the difference between a sale with default pricelist
pos_edit_order_line POS Edit Order Line
pos_escpos_status Point of sale: fetch status for 'escpos' driver
pos_financial_risk geomer198 CetmixGitDrone Point of Sale Fonancial Risk
pos_global_discount_in_line Order discount in line instead of discount product
pos_lot_barcode Scan barcode to enter lot/serial numbers
pos_lot_selection POS Lot Selection
pos_loyalty_redeem_payment Use vouchers as payment method in pos orders
pos_margin legalsylvain Margin on PoS Order
pos_membership legalsylvain Implement features of membership module in the Point of sale UI.
pos_membership_extension legalsylvain Prevent to sale product in the point of sale to customer that don't belong to membership categories
pos_minimize_menu legalsylvain Reduce size of the main menu of the point of sale.
pos_order_new_line legalsylvain Allow cashier to create a new order line, instead of merging the quantity with a previous line
pos_order_remove_line robyf70 Add button to remove POS order line.
pos_order_reorder Simple Re-order in the Point of Sale
pos_order_to_sale_order legalsylvain PoS Order To Sale Order
pos_order_to_sale_order_delivery GabbasovDinar CetmixGitDrone Compatibility of pos_order_to_sale_order and delivery modules
pos_order_to_sale_order_report Report will be downloaded after the sales order is created.
pos_order_to_sale_order_sale_financial_risk geomer198 CetmixGitDrone Sale Financial Risk control for Sales Orders created from POS
pos_partner_birthdate ecino Adds the birthdate in the customer screen of POS
pos_partner_firstname robyf70 POS Support of partner firstname
pos_partner_location_abstract POS Partner Location Abstract
pos_partner_location_google_map POS Partner Location Google Map
pos_partner_sale_warning Show partner sales warning in POS
pos_payment_change legalsylvain Allow cashier to change order payments, as long as the session is not closed.
pos_payment_method_cashdro Allows to pay with CashDro Terminals on the Point of Sale
pos_payment_method_change_policy legalsylvain Adds alternative way to handle Change in Point of Sale.
pos_payment_method_image legalsylvain Add images on Payment Methods available in the PoS
pos_payment_terminal Point of sale: support generic payment terminal
pos_pricelist_technical legalsylvain Prevent technical pricelists from being displayed in the Point of Sale front-end UI
pos_product_display_default_code pos: display product default code before product name
pos_product_label ivantodorovich Print product labels from the POS
pos_product_mergeable_line legalsylvain Allows to configure at the product level, if an order line can be merged or not.
pos_product_multi_barcode Make product multi barcodes usable in the point of sale
pos_product_packaging_container_deposit Add the container deposit fees in a POS order
pos_product_packaging_multi_barcode Make product packaging multi barcodes usable in the point of sale
pos_product_quick_info Display product info by one click in Point of Sale
pos_receipt_hide_info Removes Information from POS receipt.
pos_receipt_hide_price Add button to remove price from receipt.
pos_receipt_replace_user_by_trigram Replace User by Trigram in POS receipt.
pos_receipt_replace_user_by_trigram_hr Link module between pos_receipt_replace_user_by_trigram and pos_hr
pos_reset_search fkawala Point of Sale - Clear product search when user clicks on a product.
pos_sale_order_print Print multiple sale orders in POS
pos_sale_product_config_no_variant ursais Manage Point Of Sale via Configurator of no variant
pos_stock_available_online Show the available quantity of products in the Point of Sale
pos_to_weight_by_product_uom legalsylvain Make 'To Weight' default value depending on product UoM settings


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.