Base Product Mass Addition

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Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
base_product_mass_addition legalsylvain Base Product Mass Addition
pos_product_cost_security Compatibility between Point of Sale and Product Cost Security
product_abc_classification ABC classification for sales and warehouse management
product_abc_classification_sale_stock rousseldenis lmignon lmarion-source Compute ABC classification from the number of delivered sale order line by product
product_assortment Adds the ability to manage products assortment
product_attribute_archive Add an active field on product attributes
product_attribute_company_favorite victor-champonnois Possibility to set favorite product attributes per company
product_attribute_model_link Use any model records as product attribute values
product_attribute_value_menu Product attributes values tree and form. Import attribute values.
product_category_active Add option to archive product categories
product_category_code rousseldenis Allows to define a code on product categories
product_category_hr_department smaciaosi max3903 Link product categories to hr departments
product_category_level PierrickBrun Add Level field on Product Categories to show the recursion level on the category
product_category_product_qty Product Category - Product Quantity
product_category_type legalsylvain Add Type field on Product Categories to distinguish between parent and final categories
product_code_mixin bealdav Make product code available for any inherited model
product_code_unique Set Product Internal Reference as Unique
product_company_default Product Company Default
product_cost_security sergio-teruel rafaelbn yajo Product cost security restriction view
product_country_restriction rousseldenis Allows to define product restrictions country based
product_dimension Product Dimension
product_expiry_configurable This model allows setting expiry times on category and to use the 'end_of_life' date for the computation of lot dates
product_get_price_helper This module provides a helper function to compute product prices.
product_logistics_uom hparfr Configure product weights and volume UoM
product_lot_sequence Adds ability to define a lot sequence from the product
product_manufacturer Adds manufacturers and attributes on the product view.
product_multi_category Product - Many Categories
product_net_weight legalsylvain Add 'Net Weight' on product models
product_optional_product_quantity Specify optional products quantity for product
product_origin rousseldenis legalsylvain Adds the origin of the product
product_packaging_container_deposit Add container deposit fees in a order
product_packaging_dimension Manage packaging dimensions and weight
product_packaging_level This module binds a product packaging to a packaging level
product_packaging_level_purchasable Control purchase of products via packaging settings.
product_packaging_level_salable Product Packaging level salable
product_pricelist_alternative Calculate product price based on alternative pricelists
product_pricelist_direct_print legalsylvain Print price list from menu option, product templates, products variants or price lists
product_pricelist_direct_print_company_group Print Pricelist items using the company group model
product_pricelist_direct_print_website_sale CarlosRoca13 Extend Product Pricelist Direct Print for filter by public categories
product_pricelist_direct_print_xlsx Print price list in XLSX format
product_pricelist_fixed_currency_rate LoisRForgeFlow Set a fixed currency rate between pricelists
product_pricelist_item_list_view LoisRForgeFlow View and search the list of pricelist items
product_pricelist_revision Product Pricelist Revision
product_pricelist_simulation legalsylvain Simulate the product price for all pricelists
product_pricelist_simulation_margin legalsylvain Add margin of product price for all pricelists
product_pricelist_supplierinfo luisg123v Allows to create priceslists based on supplier info
product_print_category legalsylvain Define print categories for products and automate products print, when data has changed
product_product_template_link Adds a button in product to view the template
product_profile bealdav sebastienbeau kevinkhao Allow to configure a product in 1 click
product_route_mto This module allows to compute if a product is an 'MTO' one from its configured routes
product_sale_description Long and short description for products
product_secondary_unit sergio-teruel Set a secondary unit per product
product_sequence Product Sequence
product_set Product set
product_standard_price_tax_included legalsylvain Brings a Cost Price Field Tax Included on Product Model
product_state emagdalenaC2i Module introducing a state field on product template
product_stock_state sebastienbeau legalsylvain kevinkhao Compute the state of a product's stockthe stock level and sale_ok field
product_supplierinfo_archive GuillemCForgeFlow AlvaroTForgeFlow OriolVForgeFlow Add the active field to the product supplier info
product_supplierinfo_code Allows to get main supplierinfo product_code on product level
product_supplierinfo_for_customer Allows to define prices for customers in the products
product_supplierinfo_revision Product Supplierinfo Revision
product_supplierinfo_stock_picking_type victoralmau Product supplierinfo stock picking type
product_template_has_one_variant rousseldenis Allows to define a field on product template level to determine if it has only one variant
product_template_tags patrickrwilson ivantodorovich This addon allow to add tags on products
product_total_weight_from_packaging Compute estimated weight based on product's packaging weights
product_uom_measure_type legalsylvain Product - UoM Measure Type
product_uom_po_domain legalsylvain Product - Domain on Purchase UoM
product_uom_updatable allows products uom to be modified after be used in a stock picking if the product uom is of the same category
product_uom_use_type legalsylvain Define UoM for Sale and / or for Purchase purpose
product_variant_attribute_name_manager JordiMForgeFlow Manage how to display the attributes on the product variant name.
sale_product_template_tags ivantodorovich Show product tags menu in Sale app
stock_lot_is_archived This module adds a simple property on Lots that means a lot is archived
stock_production_lot_expired_date Stock production lot expired date
uom_category_active Add option to archive UoM categories


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

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