Assign contacts to departments

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pip install odoo12-addon-partner-contact-department==


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Partner Contact

Contact-related odoo addons.

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
account_partner_company_group Adds the possibility to add a company group to a company
base_country_state_translatable Translate Country States
base_location pedrobaeza Enhanced zip/npa management system
base_location_geonames_import Import zip entries from Geonames
base_partner_company_group Adds the possibility to add a company group to a company
base_partner_sequence Sets customer's code from a sequence
crm_partner_company_group Adds the possibility to add a company group to a company
partner_accreditation victor-champonnois Add Accreditation to Partners
partner_address_split Add specific helper methods
partner_address_street3 Add a third address line on partners
partner_address_two_lines The company and the partner name are on two different lines
partner_affiliate Partner Affiliates
partner_auto_archive Archive periodically all contacts marked as auto-archive.
partner_bank_acc_type_constraint alexis-via Adds constraint on bank account type
partner_bank_code Add fields information in banks
partner_capital EmilioPascual Partners Capital
partner_category_security victoralmau Partner category security
partner_category_security_crm victoralmau Partner category security (crm extension)
partner_category_type JordiMForgeFlow Add a selection field 'Type' to classify Contact Tags.
partner_company_default Partner Company Default
partner_company_group luisg123v Adds the possibility to add a company group to a company
partner_company_type Adds a company type to partner that are companies
partner_contact_access_link Yajo Allow to visit the full contact form from a company
partner_contact_address_default Set a default delivery address, invoice address and contact for contacts
partner_contact_age_range Age Range for Contact's
partner_contact_birthdate Contact's birthdate
partner_contact_department Assign contacts to departments
partner_contact_gender Add gender field to contacts
partner_contact_job_position Categorize job positions for contacts
partner_contact_lang Manage language in contacts
partner_contact_nationality Add nationality field to contacts
partner_contact_personal_information_page Add a page to contacts form to put personal information
partner_contact_type_end_user rousseldenis Adds a new contact type 'End User'
partner_country_state_required Partner Country State Required
partner_deduplicate_acl Contact deduplication with fine-grained permission control
partner_deduplicate_by_ref Deduplicate Contacts by reference
partner_deduplicate_filter Exclude records from the deduplication
partner_disable_gravatar alexis-via Disable automatic connection to
partner_email_check Validate email address field
partner_email_duplicate_warn alexis-via Warning banner on partner form if another partner has the same email
partner_employee_quantity pedrobaeza rafaelbn edlopen Know how many employees a partner has
partner_external_map Add Map and Map Routing buttons on partner form to open GMaps, OSM, Bing and others
partner_fax Add fax number on partner
partner_firstname Split first name and last name for non company partners
partner_identification Partner Identification Numbers
partner_identification_eori This addon extends "Partner Identification Numbers" to provide a number category for EORI Number
partner_identification_gln This addon extends "Partner Identification Numbers" to provide a number category for GLN registration
partner_industry_secondary Add secondary partner industries
partner_interest_group victor-champonnois Add Interest Group to Partners
partner_label Print partner labels
partner_lastname_uppercase Uppercases the the last names of partners
partner_manual_rank luisg123v frahikLV Be able to manually flag partners as customer or supplier.
partner_middlename Have split Middle
partner_mobile_duplicate_warn alexis-via Warning banner on partner form if another partner has the same mobile
partner_multi_relation Partner Relations
partner_phonecall_schedule Track the time and days your partners expect phone calls
partner_pricelist_search Partner pricelist search
partner_purchase_manager EmilioPascual Add purchase manager field in partner
partner_ref_unique Add an unique constraint to partner ref field
partner_second_lastname Have split first and second lastnames
partner_stage dreispt Add lifecycle Stages to Partners
partner_subject_to_vat victor-champonnois Record whether a company is subject to VAT.
partner_tier_validation dreispt Support a tier validation process for Contacts
partner_tz Remove partner timezone default value and display on form
partner_vat_unique Module to make the VAT number unique for customers and suppliers.
purchase_supplier_rank Update Supplier Rank when creating a Purchase Order
sale_customer_rank Update Customer Rank when creating a Sale Order
sale_partner_company_group Adds the possibility to add a company group to a company


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