Edit putaway strategies directly from the product form view

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pip install odoo12-addon-stock-putaway-product-form==


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Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
account_move_line_product Displays the product in the journal entries and items
account_move_line_stock_info Account Move Line Stock Info
procurement_auto_create_group Allows to configure the system to propose automatically new procurement groups during the procurement run.
product_packaging_usability Add sugar to Product Packaging
scrap_reason_code bodedra Reason code for scrapping
stock_demand_estimate Allows to create demand estimates.
stock_demand_estimate_matrix Allows to create demand estimates.
stock_exception Custom exceptions on stock picking
stock_helper Add methods shared between various stock modules
stock_inventory Allows to do an easier follow up of the Inventory Adjustments
stock_inventory_count_to_zero Request an inventory count filling the quantities to zero as default
stock_inventory_discrepancy Adds the capability to show the discrepancy of every line in an inventory and to block the inventory validation when the discrepancy is over a user defined threshold.
stock_inventory_justification rousseldenis ThomasBinsfeld This module allows to set justification on inventories
stock_inventory_preparation_filter More filters for inventory adjustments
stock_location_lockdown Prevent to add stock on locked locations
stock_location_position Add coordinate attributes on stock location.
stock_location_product_restriction lmignon rousseldenis Prevent to mix different products into the same stock location
stock_location_zone Classify locations with zones.
stock_move_auto_assign Try to reserve moves when goods enter in a location
stock_move_auto_assign_auto_release Auto release moves after auto assign
stock_move_common_dest Adds field for common destination moves
stock_move_location This module allows to move all stock in a stock location to an other one.
stock_move_packaging_qty yajo EmilioPascual Add packaging fields in the stock moves
stock_mts_mto_rule Add a MTS+MTO route
stock_packaging_calculator Compute product quantity to pick by packaging
stock_packaging_calculator_packaging_level Glue module for packaging level
stock_picking_batch_packaging_qty EmilioPascual rafaelbn Add packaging fields in stock picking batch
stock_picking_commercial_partner Add Commercial Partner on the Stock Picking
stock_picking_procure_method Allows to force the procurement method from the picking
stock_picking_product_interchangeable CetmixGitDrone Stock Picking Product Interchangeable
stock_picking_show_linked This addon allows to easily access related pickings (in the case of chained routes) through a button in the parent picking view.
stock_picking_volume lmignon Compute volume information on stock moves and pickings
stock_picking_volume_packaging Use volume information on potential product packaging to compute the volume of a stock.move
stock_product_qty_by_packaging Compute product quantity to pick by packaging
stock_putaway_product_template kevinkhao sebastienbeau Add product template in putaway strategies from the product view
stock_quant_cost_info Shows the cost of the quants
stock_quant_manual_assign Stock - Manual Quant Assignment
stock_quant_safe_inventory Prevents the quantity on the quant from being updated if quantities have already been picked but not validated in pickings in progress.
stock_removal_location_by_priority Establish a removal priority on stock locations.
stock_reservation_date_show Display reservation date of stock moves
stock_reserve Stock reservations on products
stock_route_mto Allows to identify MTO routes through a checkbox and availability to filter them.
stock_search_supplierinfo_code Allows to search for picking from supplierinfo code
stock_storage_category_capacity_name Allows to have a better display name for Stock Storage Category Capacity model
stock_valuation_layer_accounting_date Stock Valuation Layer Accounting Date
stock_warehouse_calendar JordiBForgeFlow Adds a calendar to the Warehouse

Unported addons

addon version maintainers summary
stock_package_type_button_box (unported) rousseldenis DEPRECATED - This module is a technical module that allows to fill in a button box for Stock Package Type form view


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

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