Show a warning if current user, company or database have been switched in another tab or window.

erp, hacktoberfest, odoo, python
pip install odoo12-addon-web-switch-context-warning==


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Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
web_action_conditionable web_action_conditionable
web_advanced_search ivantodorovich Easier and more powerful searching tools
web_apply_field_style Apply css class style to fields from a dict parameters
web_calendar_slot_duration Yajo Customizable calendar slot durations
web_chatter_position Add an option to change the chatter position
web_company_color Web Company Color
web_copy_confirm Show confirmation dialogue before copying records
web_dark_mode Enabled Dark Mode for the Odoo Backend
web_dashboard_tile legalsylvain Add Overview Dashboards with Tiles
web_dialog_size A module that lets the user expand a dialog box to the full screen width.
web_disable_export_group Web Disable Export Group
web_domain_field Use computed field as domain
web_environment_ribbon Web Environment Ribbon
web_field_numeric_formatting Allow to render float and integer fields without thousands separator
web_field_tooltip Displays customizable tooltips for fields
web_group_expand Group Expand Buttons
web_help Help Framework
web_hide_field_with_key franzpoize Hide fields for models
web_ir_actions_act_multi Enables triggering of more than one action on ActionManager
web_ir_actions_act_window_message Show a message box to users
web_ir_actions_act_window_page Allows a developer to trigger a pager to show the previous or next next record in the form view
web_ir_actions_close_wizard_refresh_view Allow to refresh view data without reload the page.
web_listview_range_select Enables selecting a range of records using the shift key
web_m2x_options web_m2x_options
web_no_bubble Remove the bubbles from the web interface
web_notify Send notification messages to user
web_notify_channel_message Send an instant notification to channel users when a new message is posted
web_pivot_computed_measure CarlosRoca13 Web Pivot Computed Measure
web_pwa_oca eLBati Make Odoo a PWA
web_refresher Web Refresher
web_remember_tree_column_width frahikLV luisg123v cuongnmtm Remember the tree columns' widths across sessions.
web_responsive Tardo SplashS Responsive web client, community-supported
web_save_discard_button synconics Save & Discard Buttons
web_search_with_and Use AND conditions on omnibar search
web_select_all_companies Allows you to select all companies in one click.
web_send_message_popup Web Send Message as Popup
web_sheet_full_width Use the whole available screen width when displaying sheets
web_theme_classic legalsylvain Contrasted style on fields to improve the UI.
web_timeline tarteo Interactive visualization chart to show events in time
web_touchscreen yajo rafaelbn UX improvements for touch screens
web_tree_duplicate tarteo Duplicate records directly from the tree view.
web_tree_many2one_clickable Open the linked resource when clicking on their name
web_widget_bokeh_chart LoisRForgeFlow ChrisOForgeFlow This widget allows to display charts using Bokeh library.
web_widget_datepicker_fulloptions Web Widget DatePicker Full Options
web_widget_domain_editor_dialog Recovers the Domain Editor Dialog functionality
web_widget_dropdown_dynamic This module adds support for dynamic dropdown widget
web_widget_image_webcam Allows to take image with WebCam
web_widget_mpld3_chart JordiBForgeFlow ChrisOForgeFlow This widget allows to display charts using MPLD3 library.
web_widget_numeric_step rafaelbn yajo Web Widget Numeric Step
web_widget_open_tab Allow to open record from trees on new tab from tree views
web_widget_pattern hbrunn Allows to define a regex for validating input on the backend
web_widget_pattern_partner_autocomplete hbrunn Allows to define a regex for validating input on the backend
web_widget_plotly_chart robyf70 Allow to draw plotly charts.
web_widget_x2many_2d_matrix ChrisOForgeFlow Show list fields as a matrix


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.