Your path send other person with Output Messenger on Blackmagic Fusion.

Output, Messenger, sender, Lan
pip install omsender==0.02


what is the omsender

omsender is a Output Messenger sending. You can send message to anyone person on Blackmagic Fusion. actually, it just has been pulling filename from Loader and Saver where blackmagic fusion and then it sends message with API of that connect


  1. install Output Messenger
  2. make a API (Api-Helper)
  3. of course, you must install Python. (Python)
  4. install package pip install omsender (but if you have a common harddisk. you should download the omsender then you can put to a harddisk.)


you go to output .py then you should see IP, API_KEY,TRANSFER. You have to fill blank correcly yourself.