GUI presentation of data

gridview, grid, filtering
pip install opengridview==0.0.3



An application insipired by PowerShell's Out-GridView .

Implemented on Gnome using GTK

Input is passed via STDIN or via filenames in argument. Every file is assigned a window and a thread in charge of reading that file and parsing it.

Also check out my post on it:


Since we rely on Gtk, we need the python GTK bindings (PyGobject). Compiling it as a Python package is annoying, so it's better to install the Distro-provided package (e.g. in Ubuntu - python-gi)

Basic usage

Either pipe input, or supply it as files.

Default parser is autosplit (re.split) with \s+ as separator

Change parser with --parser

Change separator where applicable using --separator

Column names are usually inferred from input. Use --headers to override.

Columns can be discarded by specifying an empty name, like --headers important,,also

Column types are usually inferred from first item in input. If overriding headers, follow a name with colons to force a specific type, like --headers col,othercol:int,thirdcol


These different types of input formatting are currently supported:

  • autosplit (default), which uses re.split to create different columns from every row.

    Default separator is \s+ which is good for space-separated items.

    Separator can contains capturing groups for interesting results

  • csv, with configurable column separators

  • line_json, where every line is considered a single JSON object (Line delimited JSON)

Items are displayed immediately when parsed

Additional features

  • Clipboard support. Copies as CSV to allow easy pasting in spreadsheet software
  • Simple text filtering


  • act as pipeline middle (and not just terminator), meaning that you can select items and click "OK" to make it send the items to STDOUT
  • Support advanced filtering (e.g. regex, specific columns)
  • Support hiding and re-ordering columns
  • show progress icon when stdin isn't EOF yet