A general-purpose multi-agent-system module

osbrain, multi-agent, system
pip install osbrain==0.6.5



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osBrain is a general-purpose multi-agent system module written in Python and developed by OpenSistemas. Agents run independently as system processes and communicate with each other using message passing.

osBrain uses ØMQ for efficient and flexible message passing between agents. It also uses Pyro4 to ease the configuration and deployment of complex systems.

Please read the osBrain documentation for a bit more detailed introduction.

osBrain is licensed under the Apache License.

Installing osBrain

osBrain requires Python 3. Most probably, Python 3 is already packaged for your favorite distribution (and maybe even installed by default in your system). If you do not have Python 3 available, consider using Conda to create a virtual environment with Python 3.

Installing osBrain is very simple with pip:

pip install osbrain

You should now be able to import osbrain from a python console:

>>> import osbrain

Code examples

If you want to learn how to use osBrain, refer to the tutorial in the documentation for a set of step-by-step simple code examples.

What can you use osBrain for?

osBrain has been successfully used to develop a real-time automated-trading platform in OpenSistemas, but being a general-purpose multi-agent system, it is not limited to this application. Other applications include:

  • Transportation.
  • Logistics.
  • Defense and military applications.
  • Networking.
  • Load balancing.
  • Self-healing networks.

In general, osBrain can be used whenever a multi-agent system architecture fits the application well:

  • Autonomy of the agents.
  • Local views.
  • Decentralization.