Tools for the Project 929 chapter-a-day Tanach learning project

pip install p929==0.5



A python module with tools for the Project 929 chapter-a-day reading of Tanach.

Get the Perek for today, or any other day, and then data and URLs for that Perek.

(Note - this code is not an official 929 project.)


pip install p929

Example usage

Getting today's perek (on September 2nd, 2015)

>>> import p929
>>> p = p929.Perek()
>>> vars(p)
{ 'as_a_phrase': 'Perek for Wednesday 02 September 2015 is #184: Deuteronomy 31',
 'book_chapter': 31,
 'book_name': u'Deuteronomy',
 'date': datetime.date(2015, 9, 2),
 'hashtag': '#p929 #ch184',
 'number': 184,
 'url_929': 'http://www.929.org.il/page/184',
 'url_sefaria': 'http://www.sefaria.org/Deuteronomy.31'}

Attributes of a Perek object

  • date: datetime.date object of this Perek's date.
  • book_name: String name of the book that this Perek is found in
  • book_chapter: Integer number of the chapter in the book
  • number: Perek number, counting from beginning of Tanach
  • hashtag: Project 929 hashtags for this Perek
  • url_929: URL of this Perek on 929's website
  • url_sefaria: URL of this Perek on Sefaria.org's website