Pandoc Documents for Python

pip install pandoc==2.4b0


Pandoc (Python Library)

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🚀 Getting started

Install Pandoc first, for example with conda:

$ conda install -c conda-forge pandoc

Then, install the Pandoc Python Library with pip:

$ pip install --upgrade pandoc

🌌 Overview

Pandoc is the awesome open-source command-line tool that converts documents from one format to another. The project was initiated by John MacFarlane; under the hood, it's a Haskell library.

The Pandoc Python Library brings Pandoc's document model to Python:

$ echo "Hello world!" | python -m pandoc read 
Pandoc(Meta({}), [Para([Str('Hello'), Space(), Str('world!')])])

It can be used to analyze, create and transform documents, in Python:

>>> import pandoc
>>> text = "Hello world!"
>>> doc =
>>> doc
Pandoc(Meta({}), [Para([Str('Hello'), Space(), Str('world!')])])

>>> paragraph = doc[1][0]
>>> paragraph
Para([Str('Hello'), Space(), Str('world!')])
>>> from pandoc.types import Str
>>> paragraph[0][2] = Str('Python!')
>>> text = pandoc.write(doc)
>>> print(text)
Hello Python!

For more information, refer to the 📖 documentation.