The ergonomic and hermetic software build system for Python, Java, Scala, Go, and Shell. Pants lets you fearlessly scale up your codebase.

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pip install pantsbuild.pants==2.14.0.dev1


Pants Build System

Pants is a scalable build system for monorepos: codebases containing multiple projects, often using multiple programming languages and frameworks, in a single unified code repository.

Some noteworthy features include:

  • Explicit dependency modeling.
  • Fine-grained invalidation.
  • Shared result caching.
  • Concurrent execution.
  • Remote execution.
  • Unified interface for multiple tools and languages.
  • Extensibility and customizability via a plugin API.


We release to PyPI version license


To run Pants, you need:

  • Linux or macOS.
  • Python 3.7+ discoverable on your PATH.
  • A C compiler, system headers and Python headers (to compile native Python modules).
  • Internet access (so that Pants can fully bootstrap itself).