Haskell pants plugin

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pip install pantsbuild.pants.contrib.haskell==0.0.79


Pants Build System

Pants is a build system for software projects in a variety of languages. It works particularly well for a source code repository that contains many distinct projects.

Friendly documentation:

We release to PyPI version license

We use Travis CI to verify the build Build Status.

We use Coveralls to monitor test coverage Coverage Status.


At a minimum, Pants requires the following to run properly:

  • Linux or macOS.
  • Python 3.6+.
  • A C compiler, system headers, Python headers (to compile native Python modules) and the libffi library and headers (to compile and link modules that use CFFI to access native code).
  • Internet access (so that Pants can fully bootstrap itself)

Additionally, if you use the JVM backend to work with Java or Scala code (installed by default):

  • OpenJDK or Oracle JDK version 7 or greater.