SSH2 protocol library

pip install paramiko==2.11.0


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Welcome to Paramiko!

Paramiko is a pure-Python [1] (2.7, 3.4+) implementation of the SSHv2 protocol [2], providing both client and server functionality. It provides the foundation for the high-level SSH library Fabric, which is what we recommend you use for common client use-cases such as running remote shell commands or transferring files.

Direct use of Paramiko itself is only intended for users who need advanced/low-level primitives or want to run an in-Python sshd.

For installation information, changelogs, FAQs and similar, please visit our main project website; for API details, see the versioned docs. Additionally, the project maintainer keeps a roadmap on his personal site.

[1] Paramiko relies on cryptography for crypto functionality, which makes use of C and Rust extensions but has many precompiled options available. See our installation page for details.
[2] SSH is defined in RFC 4251, RFC 4252, RFC 4253 and RFC 4254. The primary working implementation of the protocol is the OpenSSH project. Paramiko implements a large portion of the SSH feature set, but there are occasional gaps.