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pip install parsl==0.7.2


Parsl - Parallel Scripting Library

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Parsl is a parallel scripting library that enables easy parallelism and workflow design. The latest version available on PyPi is v0.7.2.


Parsl is now available on PyPI, but first make sure you have Python3.5+

$ python3 --version

Install Parsl using pip:

$ pip3 install parsl

To run the Parsl tutorial notebooks you will need to install Jupyter:

$ pip3 install jupyter

Detailed information about setting up Jupyter with Python3.5 is available here

Note: Parsl uses an opt-in model to collect anonymous usage statistics for reporting and improvement purposes. To understand what stats are collected and enable collection please refer to the usage tracking guide


The complete parsl documentation is hosted here.

The Parsl tutorial is here and the same tutorial set hosted on live Jupyter notebooks are available here

For Developers

  1. Download Parsl:

    $ git clone
  2. Install:

    $ cd parsl
    $ python3 install
  3. Use Parsl!


Parsl is supported in Python 3.5+. Requirements can be found here. Requirements for running tests can be found here.


We welcome contributions from the community. Please see our contributing guide.