PayPal API implementation in Python.

paypal, nvp
pip install paypal==1.2.5



Author: Pat Collins
Maintainer: Greg Taylor
License: Apache v2
Status: Stable
Maintained: Quasi-maintained, looking for new maintainer (file issue if interested)

This package implements Paypal's Website Payments Pro NVP API in Python. This currently includes Direct Payments (Credit card payments without a PayPal Account) and PayPal Express Checkout (Payment via a PayPal account).

This module is best used in conjunction with the official PayPal documentation. The stuff under "Website Payments Pro and Express Checkout API Operations". in particular.

paypal-python does no real validation, doesn't hold hands, and is generally only going to handle authentication, http-level stuff, and serializing a list of keyword arguments passed to the API methods. You'll need to read the official PayPal documentation for what key/values to pass.

NOTE: This module is not created by, endorsed by, or in any way affiliated with PayPal.


  • Python 2.6 or 2.7


Through pip:

pip install paypal

or easy_install:

easy_install paypal

or download the source, un-tar/un-zip it, cd into paypal-python, and:

python install

Quick Start

To run test suite, do from within the paypal-python directory:

pip install nose
nosetests tests/

The meat is in paypal.interface. The docs are in the docstrings and tests.

  • Create a paypal.interface.PayPalInterface object
  • Pass it configuration kwargs (See tests.interface_factory.get_interface_obj for a good example of how this works).
  • That interface is how you access PayPal. Take a look at the currently implemented methods in paypal.interface.


If you have any problems, questions, or ideas, feel free to post on our issue tracker.

Addendum A

Instructions for setting up a Sandbox Website Payments Pro account. More detailed instructions can be found at []( but this is what worked for me.

  1. Create Sandbox account. Don't use your live PayPal account email address.
  2. Login to Sandbox
  3. Test Accounts -> "Preconfigured" -- the manual process sucks.
  4. Make a "Seller" account
  5. Don't change "login email" at all -- it seems to truncate to 6 characters.
  6. I took the numeric password they gave as default and copy/pasted it into a plain text document so I could use it later to make all my test account passwords the same.
  7. I chose Visa as the credit card.
  8. Bank Account = "Yes" -- This is needed for a Verified account, which is needed for Website Payments Pro.
  9. Put $1,000 of fake $$ into the account. At one point I tried $5,000 but the test account I created wasn't Verified automatically? Not sure if the two are related.
  10. No notes.
  11. "Create Account"
  12. When it takes you back to the "Test Accounts" screen, it should say "Business" and "Verified"
  13. When you click on "API Credentials" you should see API credentials for the corresponding test account you just created. I copy/pasted them into the same text file used above.

The next step was the tricky part, at least for me. I was getting 10501 errors which means the billing agreement wasn't agreed to. Apparently you need to accept the fake billing agreement that comes along with the fake account you just created, which semi-conveniently has come packaged with an automatically created and verified fake bank account and business account "verified" status. Why couldn't the billing agreement be automatically "agreed to" as well?

Back on the "Test Accounts" page, choose the account you just created and click "Enter Sandbox Test Site." It should populate the fake email address, which should be Use the copy/pasted password from step #6 and paste it into the password field and login.

Now go under Merchant Services -> Website Payments Pro. In the right column there should be a link to "agree" to the billing agreement. Click this link and agree to the agreement. Now your API calls will work as expected.


Copyright 2009 Pat Collins <>
Copyright 2012 DUO Interactive, LLC <>
Copyright 2014 Greg Taylor

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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