Peek Platform - Admin Service (Frontend)

Peek, Python, Platform, synerty
pip install peek-admin==2.1.4


Peek Platform - Admin Service

The Peek Admin service contains the Angular Web build environment.

The frontend is for typescript + bootstrap3 + angular2


Web Frontend

The frontend is compiled/built from the backend python software when it starts. The python backend then serves up the the webpack bundles. This is accessible via http://<ip>:8010

When you are developing with the frontend, you can start it in development mode

cd <project dir>/peek_admin/build-web
npm start

This will start a NODE development server. It will watch the project files, rebuild the project and live reload the browser when you make changes. It's accessed via http://<ip>:4200

There is a proxy.conf.json file that is configured to pass through certain resources to the backend server. This allows the NODE development server to hand handle all the assets and the backend to still handle the file uploads, vortex, etc.