Font Awesome from inside a Pelican

pip install pelicanfly==0.4.4



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This is pelicanfly, a plugin for Pelican that lets you type things like i ♄ :fa-coffee: in your Markdown documents and have it come out as little Font Awesome icons in the browser. It provides a minimal extension to Markdown and a plugin for Pelican.

The Pelican plugin hacks in some static assets to make this work with Pelican "out of the box". If you just want the Markdown extension, it is available separately.


It's not hard, just install via pip:

(env)$ pip install pelicanfly

Then add to your Pelican settings, under PLUGINS as follows:

    # ...
    # ...

If you have followed these steps correctly, next time you build your Pelican blog, the plugin will do its magic and convert all the :fa-heart: style tags into proper nice little Font Awesome icons. Job done!

FontAwesome updates

I try to keep this repo up to date with FontAwesome, but if it's not, feel free to submit a PR (the handy script to download will do some of the lifting to download their assets).