A Library to communicate with postgres from python

pip install pg_python==1.521


Postgres python

A simple api to read, write, delete and update in a postgres database

Installation : Linux/Mac

$ pip install pg_python

Server Initialization

$ from pg_python.pg_python import *
$ pgs = pg_server(db_name, username, password, host_address)

Schema Definition (Optional)(Not available)

$ schema_map = Schema()
$ pgs.add_schema(db_name, schema_map)

Read operation

Return value is a list of dictionaries. Every dictionary is representative of the row that is fetched. Each dictionary's key is the same as the column name fetched.

$ value_list = read(table_name, keys_to_get_dict, where_kv_dict, limit, order_by, order_type, operator_string)

Parameter information :

  • keys_to_get_dict(a list of column names to fetch)
  • where_kv_dict(a dictionary to specify the 'Where' clause)

Example usage : print pg_python.read("mock_table", ['column2','column3'], {"column_1":'55'})

Resulting query: SELECT column2, column3 FROM mock_table WHERE column1 = %s, ['55']

Sample output: [{'column2': 'column_data_A', 'column3': 'column_data_Z'}, {'column2': 'column_data_P', 'column3': 'column_data_Q'}]

Write operation

$ write(table_name, kv_dict)

Overwrite operation

$ write(table_name, kv_dict)

Update operation

$ update(table, update_kv_map, where_kv_map)

Delete operation

$ delete(table, where_kv_map, single_row)