Run pgdamin4 in desktop mode

pip install pgadmin4-desktop-mode==0.0.1


pgadmin4_desktop_mode - Start pgadmin4 in desktop mode

Sometimes the desktop mode is the way to go:

  • you can easily access your own files
  • if there is only one user you don't need any user management ...

This package requires pgadmin4 and provides a very simplistic starter for the desktop mode. pgadmin4 listens on localhost using a port number, which is computed from the login name. That's currently sufficient for our internal needs. If you need more, feel free to submit a pull request.

How to use "pgadmin4_desktop_mode":

  1. prepare a virtual env

python3 -m venv pgadmin && . pgadmin/bin/activate && \
python -m pip install -U pip && python -m pip install -U setuptools

  1. install pgadmin in desktop mode

python -m pip install pgadmin4_desktop_mode

  1. start pgadmin