Buzzer utility for pi

pip install pibeep==



This tool is showcased in the project IotaWorkshop


This is a beeping utility for the common buzzer. This package comes with a variety of beeps that can be called from a command line inteface or imported from python.


This package requires RPi.GPIO, which I installed on arch arm using

yay -S python-raspberry-gpio

But ubuntu or rasbian can use,

pip install RPi.GPIO

To install pibeep simply install the pip package.

pip install pibeep

You can then look at the examples on how to run as a cli. You can also import it into your project using,

from pibeep import pulseBeep,beepDuration
beepDuration(pin=12,duration=.33) #beeper on pin 12, on for .33 sec
pulseBeep(pin=12,freq=25,duration=1) #pulse beep at 25HZ for 1 seccond


  • short: duration 0.05 sec
  • medium: duration 0.25 sec
  • long: duration 1.00 sec
  • warning: pulses 8HZ for 1.5 sec duration
  • confirmed: pulses 16HZ for .5 sec duration
  • brr: pulses 50HZ for .5 sec duration


The cli can be use any of the listed above beeps in the format as the following commands:

beep warning --pin 12 #Warning sound
beep short --pin 12 #Small beep
beep brr --pin 12 #A rumbling sound
beep confirmed --pin 12 #A sound that conveys success

Usually I need to run it as sudo to have the correct permissions, but it depends on your setup.