A command line program to copy a large number of pictures into a word document.

office, pictures, python, python3, word
pip install pics2word==0.9.7



A command line program to copy pictures into a word document.

Usage can be found using

$ pics2word -h help


Installing the Pics2Word software:

  1. Install Python (Latest version of 3.X series, NOT 2.7). This is a dependency that is required for the program to work and allows us to install pics2word with pip. (Pip is a recursive acronym for pip installs packages)

  2. When that is installed, open the Terminal / Command Line / PowerShell and then type:

    $ pip install pics2word

    This installs the latest version of pics2word onto the system.

    From the latest Windows 10 update, the PowerShell can be opened from windows file explorer > File > Open Windows PowerShell From Linux you may need root privillages. If the above does not work, try

    $ sudo pip install pics2word --user

  3. You can now run “pics2word” from the command line anywhere. Type:

    $ pics2word –h help

    for information on how to use it.

Note: pics2word can be updated to the latest release with:

$ pip install --upgrade pics2word

note the two dashes before upgrade.

Reporting bugs

Please report all issues to GitHub Raise a new issue then:

  • Please describe the issue as accurately as possible with the ouput from the log file and any error message given in the terminal window.
  • Please describe exactly what you did to trigger the event including the commands that were passed
  • Note the operating system, version of python used and pics2word version
  • Include any further relavent information you deem useful.

Useful supplementary third party software

  • Caesium – image compression software. Useful if dealing with a large number of pictures to reduce the file size of the word document and speed up image processing.
  • Bulk Rename Utility – allows large numbers of files to be renamed automatically. Especially useful if following a format such as “Photo 1, Photo 2... Photo X”

New to this release 0.9.5

  • The path command is fixed
  • Modules are now saved in a standard folder so that they can be loaded anywhere
  • Modules are now saved in JSON format to be more human readable
  • Help text is now saved in a JSON for good practise

TODO tasks

High Priority


Bug fix's

Low Priority


  • Option to preserve aspect ratio or not. (i.e. stretch pictures to cells)
  • Allow the user to omit the picture name, i.e. a "Picture-only" mode

Bug fix's