Building packages with long term support

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pip install pkglts==5.4.1



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Building packages with long term support

The rationale behind the creation of this 'package builder' is to keep the life of a python programmer as easy as possible by providing three core functions:

  • A way to add more functionality to an existing package.
  • A way to keep the package structure up to date with currently known best practices.
  • Remove repetitive tasks that can be automated from the list of things to do.

Quick start

Create a virtual environment for development:

$ virtualenv dvlpt

Activate it:

$ (on windows)dvlpt\Scripts\activate
$ (on linux)dvlpt/bin/activate

Install pkglts:

(dvlpt)$ pip install pkglts

Create a directory for your package:

(dvlpt)$ mkdir toto

Run 'manage' inside this directory:

(dvlpt)$ cd toto
(dvlpt)toto$ pmg init
(dvlpt)toto$ pmg add base
(dvlpt)toto$ pmg regenerate

This will create the bare basic minimum for a python package. Add more options (see the add_option for more options) afterward. Especially, since in the example above we just added the 'base' option that will create a 'src' directory to put your code in it.


More documentation can be found on readthedocs_pkglts. If you just intend to use this package you can start with some tutorials. However, if the core functionality are not sufficient and you want to be part of the development you might be interested with the developer section of the doc.