Static resources for Plone

Python, Plone, javascript, icons, staticresources
pip install plone.staticresources==2.2.0a7



This add-on contains Fonts, Icons and JavaScript used by Plone Classic-UI.

Version Information

  • Version 2.2.x -> Plone 6.1
  • Version 2.1.x -> Plone 6.0
  • Version 1.x -> Plone 5.2

Note on Version 2.2.x:

This version introduces TinyMCE 6. It is also compatible with Plone>=6.0.7.

How to upgrade the resources in this package

> NOTE: > Changes to JavaScript functionality must be done outside this package. > If you want to fix something or add functionality please go to > the [mockup]( repository and follow the > instructions there. This package is only to deliver the generated bundles.

  1. Add plone.staticresources and mockup to checkouts.cfg in buildout.coredev and do the buildout.
  2. Update JavaScript resources in mockup and request a release on npmjs.
  3. Update dependency versions (eg. new mockup release) in package.json here. Use yarn upgrade-interactive --latest for conveniently update all the versions in package.json at once. Since plone.staticresources should contain deterministically reproducible builds use fixed versions and not version ranges in package.json. For example use "@plone/mockup": "5.0.11" instead of "@plone/mockup": "^5.0.11".
  4. Run make all to compile the bundles and map Bootstrap icons to the registry files located in src/plone/staticresources/profiles/default/registry/icons_*.xml.
  5. Submit a Pull Request and run the tests on Jenkins.

What has changed

Since Plone 6.x we use webpack to compile bundles. See configuration in webpack.config.js.

Bundle build analyzation

Build the stats.json file:

npx yarn stats

Check dependency tree and why which package was included :

npx whybundled stats.json

Visualize dependency tree and analyze bundle size: :

npx webpack-bundle-analyzer stats.json


The project is licensed under the GPLv2.