Tools to validate and deploy Polyaxon to one of the supported platforms.

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pip install polyaxon-deploy==0.6.1



This repository contains tools to validate and deploy Polyaxon to one of the supported platforms:

The goal of this project is to streamline the deployment of Polyaxon to any container management platform, including: Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Fargate, Netflix's Titus, Apache's Mesos, Nomad, Heroku etc.

This work is still in Private Beta phase

This project is not yet heavily tested, and there may be major bugs or regressions.


Starting from polyaxon v0.4.0, the recommended method of installing and managing a stable Polyaxon deployment will be through our CLI

Checking a deployment file, requirements, and dependencies:

polyaxon deploy -f polyaxon-config.yaml --check

Install Polyaxon

polyaxon deploy -f polyaxon-config.yaml

Upgrading a Polyaxon deployment

polyaxon deploy -f polyaxon-config.yaml --upgrade

Tearing down the deployment

polyaxon teardown