An inference engine for extensional lambda-calculus

pip install pomagma==0.2.6



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Pomagma is an inference engine for extensional untyped λ-join-calculus, a simple model of computation in which nondeterminism gives rise to an elegant gradual type system.

Pomagma can:

  • simplify code fragments expressed in λ-join-calculus
  • validate codebases of programs and assertions
  • solve systems of inequalities and horn clauses
  • synthesize code from sketches and inequality constraints

Pomagma's base theory is being formally verified in the Hstar project.

Pomagma's architecture follows a client-server model, where a Python client library performs high-level syntactic tasks, and a shared C++ database server performs low-level inference work.


The server targets Ubuntu 14.04 and 12.04, and installs in a python virtualenv.

git clone https://github.com/fritzo/pomagma
cd pomagma
. install.sh
make small-test     # takes ~5 CPU minutes
make test           # takes ~1 CPU hour

The client library supports Python 2.7.

pip install pomagma

Quick Start

Start a local analysis server with the tiny pre-built atlas

pomagma analyze             # starts server, Ctrl-C to quit

Then in another terminal, start an interactive python client session

$ pomagma connect           # starts a client session, Ctrl-D to quit
>>> simplify(['APP I I'])
>>> validate(['I'])
[{'is_bot': False, 'is_top': False}]
>>> solve('x', 'EQUAL x APP x x', max_solutions=4)
['I', 'BOT', 'TOP', 'V']
>>> validate_facts(['EQUAL x TOP', 'LESS x BOT'])

Alternatively, connect using the Python client library

from pomagma import analyst
with analyst.connect() as db:
    print db.simplify(["APP I I"])
    print db.validate(["I"])
    print db.solve('x', 'EQUAL x APP x x', max_solutions=4)
    print db.validate_facts(['EQUAL x TOP', 'LESS x BOT'])

Get an Atlas

Pomagma reasons about large programs by approximately locating code fragments in an atlas of 103-105 basic programs. The more basic programs in an atlas, the more accurate pomagma's analysis will be. Pomagma ships with a tiny pre-built atlas of ~2000 basic programs.

To get a large pre-built atlas, put your AWS credentials in the environment and

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=...        # put your id here
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=...    # put your hey here
pomagma pull                        # downloads latest atlas from S3

To start building a custom atlas from scratch

pomagma make max_size=10000         # kill and restart at any time

Pomagma is parallelized and needs lots of memory to build a large atlas.

Atlas Size Compute Time Memory Space Storage Space
1 000 atoms ~1 CPU hour ~10MB ~1MB
10 000 atoms ~1 CPU week ~1GB ~100MB
100 000 atoms ~1 CPU year ~100GB ~10GB


Copyright (c) 2005-2016 Fritz Obermeyer.
Pomagma is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Pomagma ships with the Google Farmhash library, licensed under the MIT license.