The Python implementation of Inverse

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pip install popcorn==3.0



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The Python implementation of Inverse.

How do I install Popcorn for use in my projects?

For global use: pip3 install popcorn
For specific project use: Copy the popcorn directory to the directory where your project is stored.

How do I use Popcorn?

from popcorn.popcorn_random import PopRandom
from popcorn.popcorn_conversion import PopConv
from popcorn.popcorn_fileio import PopFileIO
from popcorn.popcorn_meta import FunctionMeta

Use FunctionMeta like:

def you_will_never_execute_this_function():
    print("you will never see this")

Call methods like:

ra = PopRandom().random_integer(0, 100)
kp = PopConv().kilo_to_pound(10)

How do I update Popcorn?

If installed globally: pip3 install popcorn -U
If installed for a specific project: Copy the new popcorn folder to your project. Overwrite if necessary.