Mutant Standard for PursuedPyBear

mutant-standard, pursuedpybear, python
pip install ppb-mutant==0.7.2



This library provides convenient support for the Mutant Standard emoji for games using the PursuedPyBear engine.

This version is for PursuedPyBear v0.5 and Mutant Standard v0.4.0.


  1. Install the ppb-mutant package through your preferred package management system. (pip, requirements.txt, pipenv, poetry, etc)



A demo showing all emoji can be found by running python -m ppb_mutant.index.


You can replace the use of image in your sprites with emoji like so:

class SlimeSprite(ppb_mutant.MutantSprite):
    emoji = 'people_animals/creatures/other/slime'

In addition, the formatting syntax with the variables morph and skin may be used for Mutant's customization features:

class PunchRightSprite(ppb_mutant.MutantSprite):
    emoji = 'fist_facing_right_{morph}_{skin}'
    morph = 'clw'
    tone = 'r2'  # "colour"

See the modifier guide for details on these.

Alternatively, most customizable emoji also have aliases defined:

class PunchRightSprite(ppb_mutant.MutantSprite):
    emoji = 'fist_facing_right'
    morph = 'clw'
    tone = 'r2'  # "colour"


SelectScene is a base for allowing you to handle mutant morph and tone (color) customization. It can be used like:

class CustomizeScene(SelectScene):
    class Sprite(SelectScene.Sprite): pass

    class BackSprite(Region, Sprite):
        emoji = 'tick'
        def on_button_pressed(self, mouse, signal):
            if self.contains(mouse.position) and mouse.button is ppb.buttons.Primary:
                mouse.scene.running = False

    def __init__(self, *p, **kw):
        super().__init__(*p, **kw)
        left = self.main_camera.frame_left
        self.add(self.BackSprite(pos=(left + 2.5, -1.5)))

    def do_update_morphtone(self):
        print(self.morph, self.tone)

For a demo, run python -m ppb_mutant.picker.

Copyright Notice

This library uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The compiled assets are not part of git.

If you just want a copy, pull them out of one of the PyPI packages and copy into ppb_mutant/_assets

To compile them fresh, run, but it can take a while. This requires oxipng and one of ImageMagick, Inkscape, or rendersvg.