A utility for normalizing persian, arabic and english texts

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pip install priaye==0.4.0


Piraye: NLP Utilities

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Piraye is a Python library designed to facilitate text normalization for Persian, Arabic, and English languages.


  • Python 3.11+
  • nltk 3.4.5+


You can install the latest version of Piraye via pip:

pip install piraye


To use Piraye, create an instance of the Normalizer class with NormalizerBuilder and then call the normalize function. You can configure the normalization process using various settings available. Below are two examples demonstrating different approaches:

  • Using builder pattern:
from piraye import NormalizerBuilder

text = "این یک متن تسة اسﺘ       , 24/12/1400 "
normalizer = NormalizerBuilder().alphabet_fa().digit_fa().punctuation_fa().tokenizing().remove_extra_spaces().build()
normalizer.normalize(text)  # "این یک متن تست است ، ۲۴/۱۲/۱۴۰۰"
  • Using constructor:
from piraye import NormalizerBuilder
from piraye.tasks.normalizer.normalizer_builder import Config

text = "این یک متن تسة اسﺘ       , 24/12/1400 "
normalizer = NormalizerBuilder([Config.PUNCTUATION_FA, Config.ALPHABET_FA, Config.DIGIT_FA], remove_extra_spaces=True,
normalizer.normalize(text)  # "این یک متن تست است ، ۲۴/۱۲/۱۴۰۰"

You can find more examples here


Piraye provides various configurations for text normalization. Here's a list of available configurations:

Config Function Description
ALPHABET_AR alphabet_ar mapping alphabet characters to Arabic
ALPHABET_EN alphabet_en mapping alphabet characters to English
ALPHABET_FA alphabet_fa mapping alphabet characters to Persian
DIGIT_AR digit_ar convert digits to Arabic digits
DIGIT_EN digit_en convert digits to English digits
DIGIT_FA digit_fa convert digits to Persian digits
DIACRITIC_DELETE diacritic_delete remove all diacritics
SPACE_DELETE space_delete remove all spaces
SPACE_NORMAL space_normal normal spaces ( like NO-BREAK SPACE , Tab and etc...)
SPACE_KEEP space_keep mapping spaces and not normal them
PUNCTUATION_AR punctuation_ar mapping punctuations to Arabic punctuations
PUNCTUATION_Fa punctuation_fa mapping punctuations to Persian punctuations
PUNCTUATION_EN punctuation_en mapping punctuations to English punctuations

Other attributes:

  • remove_extra_spaces: Appends multiple spaces together.
  • tokenization: Replaces punctuation characters which are just tokens.


To set up a development environment, install dependencies with:

pip install -e .[dev]


GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1

Piraye is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1, which primarily applies to software libraries. See the LICENSE file for more details.

About ️

Piraye is maintained by Arusha.