Driver framework for In System Configureation (ISC) Controllers (for example, JTAG)

pip install proteusisc==0.2.0



ProteusISC is a Linux JTAG controller abstraction library and driver framework. It is used for communicating to devices via JTAG using a JTAG controller.

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The main benefits of proteusisc are:

  • Use any supported JTAG Controller to talk to any JTAG Device, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Agressive optimizations to commands sent to the JTAG Controller.
  • Easy to use library for creating a new tool to configure a device type.
  • Works in ipython for interactive JTAG exploration/debugging.

For more on the project, visit

To see hardware reverse engineering notes, visit

For additional information on setting up supported jtag controllers, check the documentation link above.

Installation / Setup from source

pip3 install .

Installation / Setup from pypi

pip3 install proteusisc


pytest --cov-report term-missing --cov proteusisc -v

Installation while developing

pip install . -U --no-deps