A number theory package

pip install pryme==0.2



written by J. Alex Ruble (Calamitizer)

(GitHub repository)


Note: This module is early in development and not too much super-cool stuff is implemented. Check it out if you're curious, though. The Decomposition class is pretty nifty.

This is (/ will be) a Python module for various number-theoretic operations and combinatorial structures. Certain major functions are memoized to disk for efficiency. For example, output data for decompose() (which computes the prime factorization of its argument) is stored in ./memo/decompose.pryme.

This module is not intended to be suitable or efficient for large primes (> 2^64). The focus of this module is number theory on a more mundane scale. For efficient large primality tests and factorizations, the user is directed towards such modules as gmpy2 and SymPy.

Usage Guide



v0.2 (21 March '16)

  • Miller-Rabin primality test implemented.
  • Decompositions are properly memoized.
  • Decomposition testing script begun.

v0.1 (13 March '16)

This is the first pushed version of pryme. Noteworthy features: the Decomposition class and various utility decorators.

Jolly Cooperation

All contributions to and optimizations of this project are welcome. Just fork pryme on GitHub and follow your heart.


This code is written in Python 2.7.3. (So far) only Python standard library modules are used.


You can reach the author (Alex Ruble) most easily via GitHub (Calamitizer), email (, or Twitter (@aknifeallblade).


This software has no associated copyrights whatsoever (i.e. an unlicense). See LICENSE.txt for the full description. Crediting me is appreciated, but not required.