XPath for DOM trees

pip install py-dom-xpath-six==0.2.3


py-dom-xpath-six is a version of py-dom-xpath that is compatible
with Python 2.7 and Python 3.6 and later. It is a fork
of py-dom-xpath-redux, which in turn is a fork of the original

Changes in 0.2.3:
- Optimized sorting of nodesets in document order: do only at end of expression.

Here is the original README file:

py-dom-xpath is a pure Python implementation of XPath 1.0. It
supports almost all XPath 1.0, with the main exception being the
namespace axis. It operates on DOM 2.0 nodes, and works well with

py-dom-xpath requires Python 2.5 or greater.

py-dom-xpath uses the Yapps 2 parser generator by Amit J. Patel.
Portions of of Yapps 2 are included in this distribution, to avoid
introducing external dependencies.

py-dom-xpath was developed at Nominum. Nominum has graciously
permitted the author to release it under the MIT license.

For further details, visit the project home page at: