Python based Quiz game.

pyquiz, tkinter
pip install py-quiz==0.3



PyQuiz is an interactive quiz game built with Python. The aim was to create and application and learn the basics of python GUI programming with TKinter. As I explored Tkinter more, I thought of developing this simplest game.

The PyQuiz opens up with multiple choice questions and increments your score with 5 as you answer correctly in the game and reduces 5 points for every incorrect answer. It also asks you for your confirmation while exiting the application.

Release: v0.2 29th September, 2017.

Release: v0.3 18th December, 2017.


To install PyQuiz! to your system,

sudo pip install py-quiz

or clone this repo, and fire

$ sudo python install from the cloned repository.

To Run Py-Quiz

Just fire up the command py-quiz in your terminal $ py-quiz

Things To-Do:

  • Create basic application
  • Add score counter
  • Add questions from JSON file.
  • Create a pip installer package
  • Confirm quit option
  • Resize Window as per question length. ( If somebody can help me with this, it'll be great!)

To Contribute to this project

Check the file on how to contribute to this open source project.

Glimpse of PyQuiz

Welcome Main About Quit


PyQuiz is maintained at Any questions/suggestions are welcome. Feel free to drop an email: abhijit[dot]nathwani[at]gmail[dot]com or raise and issue with the repo.