A Python application framework - Let us handle the boring stuff!

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pip install pyApp==4.1.0


pyApp - A python application framework

Let us handle the boring stuff!

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Many features inspired by Django, but modified to be more general for use outside of web applications.

With pyApp 4.0, versions of Python < 3.6 are no longer supported.

So what do we handle?

  • Configuration - Loading, merging your settings from different sources + Python modules + File and HTTP(S) endpoints for JSON and YAML files.
  • Instance Factories - Configuration of plugins, database connections, or just implementations of an ABC. Leveraging settings to make setup of your application easy and reduce coupling.
  • Checks - A framework for checking settings are correct and checking that your application connect to that API end point (your ops team will love you)?
  • Extensions - Extend the basic framework with extensions, the framework provides deterministic startup, addition of commands to the CLI and the ability to register checks and default settings.
  • Application - Provides a extensible and simple CLI interface for starting running commands, comes with built-in commands to support Checks, report settings/extensions.
  • Logging - Initialise and apply sane logging defaults (when using an Application). Defaults to logging to stderr so your application can write data to stdout for piping into other tools.


In development

Coming soon

Extensions for LDAP, Paramiko.


Contributions are most welcome, be it in the form of a extension and factories for your favourite service client of bug reports, feature enhancements.

The core of pyApp is intended to remain simple and only provide required features with extensions providing optional more specific functionality.