Python version bumper

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pip install pybump==1.6.2


Python Version Bumper

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Simple python code to bump kubernetes package manager Helm charts.yaml, VERSION and files versions.

Version is allowed a lower case 'v' character for example: v1.5.4-beta2
Continuous integration dependencies check:
the patch-verification argument will check dependencies in target file and suggest only patchable versions,
The main porpuse it to provide a way to constantly scan dependencies updates, and patch them once available.
For example, this package has a dependencies pyyaml, and a version with 5.3.1,
once a new patch i released at PYPI, it will detect it and return for example 5.3.7.


pip install pybump


bump version:
pybump bump [-h] --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --level {major,minor,patch} [--quiet]

set explicit version or set auto release+metadata:
pybump set --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --set-version X.Y.Z [--quiet]

the auto flag is mainly intended for pull request CIs, by using:
pybump set --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --auto [--quiet]
pybump will add git branch name as prerelease and git hash as metadata

get current version:
pybump get --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML

pybump patch-verification --file PATH_TO_SETUP.PY

update Helm chart appVersion:
in order to bump/get/set the Helm chart appVersion value just add the --app-version flag
pybump bump [-h] --file PATH_TO_CHART.YAML --level {major,minor,patch} [--quiet] [--app-version]
  • note that the --app-version flag is relevant only for Helm chart.yaml files and has not effect on other cases.


Case: version: 0.0.1
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level patch will bump version to version: 0.0.2

Case: version:
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level minor will bump version to version:

Case: version: v0.0.3
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level major will bump version to version: v1.0.0

Case: version: 0.0.1+some-metadata
pybump set --file Chart.yaml --set-version 1.4.0 will set version to version: 1.4.0+some-metadata

Case: version: v7.0.2
pybump set --file --auto will set version to version: v7.0.2-fix-minor-bug-5a51e0e1d9894d3c5d4201619f10be242320cb59

Case: appVersion 2.3.2
pybump bump --file Chart.yaml --level patch --app-version will bump appVersion to appVersion: 2.3.3

Case: version: 1.0.13
pybump get --file Chart.yaml will return 1.0.13

Case: version: 1.0.13+some-metadata
pybump get --file Chart.yaml --release will return some