Python library for interacting with the Nissan Leaf Carwings telematics service

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pip install pycarwings2==2.9



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Python3 version of the pycarwings2 library.

Library for connecting and interacting with Nissan's CARWINGS service for Nissan LEAF cars. Uses the (newly secure!) REST/JSON API rather than the previous XML-based API.

Note: The US may use an entirely RESTful API as mentioned in this gist by BenWoodford and Issue 30 Please report if this works in the US. I am based in the UK.

Inspired by original pycarwings library: including code from and

Asynchronous methods

Note that several of the most interesting methods in the CARWINGS service are asynchronous--you ask the service to do something, and it just says "ok". You then have to poll a corresponding method to find out if the operation was successful.

Recently the polling has continued to return zero, yet when querying the data held on the Nissan servers the last update date changes, indicating a response has been received from the car, see examples/ for how this can be handled.

More details are located at the top of


pip3 install pycarwings2

Example usage

  • Copy file ./examples/config.ini to ./examples/my_config.ini
  • Edit my_config.ini and enter your username, password and region
  • Run python3 ./examples/


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