Official APIs for the MS-COCO dataset

pip install pycocotools-og==2.0.6



This is a fork of the original cocoapi, with bug fixes and packaging improvements.

This is also the source of the pypi package pycocotools_og, available for download at pypi.

Changes in this fork include:

  • Add CircleCI tests
  • Support pip-installation correctly
  • Support windows
  • Don't import matplotlib unless needed
  • Close file handle after openning
  • Fix a small bug in rleToBbox
  • Fix a segfault in RLE decoding
  • Fix deprecated usage of other libraries

For compatibility, we will not make any API changes or non-bug behavior changes to the existing APIs of the official cocoapi.

Instructions for maintainers: to build a sdist package:

python -m build --sdist ./PythonAPI

to build a wheel

python -m build --wheel ./PythonAPI