Python bindings for libcups

pip install pycups==2.0.4


CUPS bindings for Python

These Python bindings are intended to wrap the CUPS API.

Python 3 or later is required since Python 2 is unsupported since 2020-01-01.

CUPS >= 1.7 is required for the latest pycups version. 

Build dependencies

The following packages are needed for compiling PyCUPS. GCC compiler is needed because modules are written
in C. CUPS development files are needed for providing CUPS API, which are used in modules and Python3
development files for Python3 functions called in modules.

Packages needed for compilation (default package names are from Fedora, Ubuntu names are in the brackets
if they differ from Fedora):

- gcc
- cups-devel (libcups2-dev)
- python3-devel (python3-dev)
- (since Python 3.12) python3-setuptools

Please install them before compiling PyCUPS.

Runtime dependencies

CUPS needs to be installed and running for PyCUPS working correctly.

How to compile and install

Do the following steps in the PyCUPS directory:
$ make
$ sudo make install

How to import cups module in python3 script

>>> import cups