Demo python+cython project

pip install pycydemo==0.3.5


Demo project for building and deploying a Python+Cython packages with AppVeyor CI and Travis CI.

This is based on a similar demo: Additional features:

  • Less auxiliary scripts, making more use of recent Travis and AppVeyor built-in features. This should be easier to understand and adapt.
  • Conda packages for win-32, win-64, linux-64, osx-64.
  • Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6.
  • Upload to alpha, beta and main channels on Anaconda cloud.
  • Github stable and prerelease source release.
  • PyPI source release. Stable releases only stable only, because others are not safe to upload to PyPI.
  • Documentation deployment to gh-pages (Travis).
  • CI Testing after installation on Travis or AppVeyor instance.
  • Code coverage with

The CI machinery in this project is "easily" used in other projects. The following files/parts need to be copied over (and modified):

  • The version stuff from and pycydemo/ This extracts the version from the latest git tag. Ideally, no other places in your project should define (another) version. Also mind the following in
  • Copy tools/conda.recipe/meta.yaml and change the package name and dependencies.
  • Copy .travis.yml and update the env block, including new encrypted tokens and passwords.
  • For windows testing: copy .appveyor.yml and update the env block, including new encrypted tokens and passwords.

Making tokens:

Encrypting tokens (Github, Anaconda) and passwords (PyPI) on Travis-CI:

  • Basic documentation:
  • Best usage is to just run travis encrypt without arguments. Then enter a variable and content in the form VAR=pass. Press enter. Press Ctrl-d.
  • Copy the encrypted stuff to the env section of .travis.yml

Encrypting tokens (Anaconda) and passwords on AppVeyor:

  • Use
  • Only enter the password or token itself, so only the pass part of VAR=pass. The VAR is still visible in .appveyor.tml``.
  • Copy to .appveyor.yml.