A pythonic interface to the U.S. Department of Labor API

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pip install pydol==1.0.3



pydol provides a pythonic interface to the U.S. Department of Labor API. It can be used to fetch official unemployment numbers and other interesting data.

from pydol import DOLAPI

# Create an instance of the API
DOL = DOLAPI("d9c6c290-da4c-424e-a378-fb4bd027b58b",

# Get dataset metadata as a dictionary structure
# Multi-part dataset names are separated by a /
BLS = DOL.metadata("statistics/BLS_Numbers")

# Get table data as a list of dictionaries
UNEMPLOYMENT = DOL.table("statistics/BLS_Numbers", "unemploymentRate")

# Detailed examples at docs/examples.rst

It is well documented, easy-to-use, PEP 8 compliant, and unit tested.


Obtaining API credentials

Valid API credentials are required to request data from tables. To obtain credentials:

  1. Create a DOL developer account and log in

  2. Create a new token/key

    You must provide:

    • A random shared secret:

      >>> import os
      >>> import binascii
      >>> binascii.hexlify(os.urandom(32))
    • An application name

    • An application description

  1. The token/key will be generated after the submission of the form

Note: The words token and key are used interchangeably

This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Labor.