Embeded Python functions in pyecharts

pip install pyecharts-javascripthon==0.0.6




pyecharts-javascripthon helps translate Python functions into javascript ones. It uses javascripthon and dukpy to blend Python codes into javascript runtime. It supports python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6. It works on Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms.

Sample python function:

def renderItem(params, api):
    values = [api.value(0), api.value(1)]
    coord = api.coord(values)
    size = api.size([1, 1], values)
    return {
        "type": 'sector',
        "shape": {
            "cx": params['coordSys']['cx'],
            "startAngle": coord[3] - size[1] / 2

Compiled python functions:

function renderItem(params, api) {
    var coord, size, values;
    values = [api.value(0), api.value(1)];
    coord = api.coord(values);
    size = api.size([1, 1], values);
    return {"type": "sector", "shape": {"cx": params["coordSys"]["cx"], "startAngle": (coord[3] - (size[1] / 2))}};

From Python 2.7 to Python 3.4

Internet access is required because it uses javascripthon api as a free service. Down the line, community sponsorship will be required to cover the running cost of the service.

Because the service is still under development, the default api key and api host are subjected to change. When it does happen please declare these environment variables to continue:

for unix alike systems:

export SCRIPTHON_API_ENDPOINT=http://new_ip_address_or_domain_name/translate
export SCRIPTION_API_TOKEN=new_api_key

for windows systems:

set SCRIPTHON_API_ENDPOINT=http://new_ip_address_or_domain_name/translate
set SCRIPTION_API_TOKEN=new_api_key

Python 3.5 - 3.6

No internet access is required.


1. Only Python 3.5+ code can be transcompiled. If you use python 2.7 or 3.4, you are obliged to use generic Python codes so that python 2.7 and 3.4 interpreter do not complain.

  1. For browsers DOM object, please visit pyecharts_javascripthon.dom.

API (Dummy objects)

The following are the dummy objects and functions to help you bypass python interpreter.

DOM objects

window, Document, Date, Math, JSON, console, screen

from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import window    # for window object
from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import Document  # for Document object
from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import Date      # for Date object
from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import Math      # for Math module
from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import JSON      # for JSON module
from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import screen    # for screen object
from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import console   # for console object

Global functions

from pyecharts_javascripthon.dom import alert    # provide alert dialog to the user

You are welcome to submit PRs to add more objects and functions.


javascripthon: Alberto Berti

Dukpy: Alessandro Molina and Sviatoslav Sydorenko


You can install pyecharts-javascripthon via pip:

$ pip install pyecharts-javascripthon

or clone it and install it:

$ git clone
$ cd pyecharts-javascripthon
$ python install