Python API for fortigate

pip install pyfg==0.50



PyFG is a Python (2.7 tested, may work on other versions) package.

API for FortiOS or how to turn FortiOS into JunOS


This API allows you to interact with a device runnine FortiOS in a sane way. With this API you can:

  • Connect to the device, retrieve the running config (the entire config or some blocks, whatever you want) and build a model
  • Build the same model from a file
  • Do changes in the candidate configuration locally
  • Create a candidate configuration from a file
  • Do a diff between the running config and the local candidate config
  • Generate the necessary commands to go from the running configuration to the candidate configuration


You can find the documentation on Read the Docs.


To install the library execute:

pip install pyfg


In the examples directory you will find different file with examples on how to use the API:

  • example1 - How to retrieve the configuration of a VDOM
  • example2 - How to get BGP information and navigate through it
  • example3 - How to load BGP configuration from a file (running.conf is emulating this step), load the candidate configuration from a file and then check the differences and show to get to the candidate configuration from the running one.
  • example4 - Similar as example3 but this time the changes are done programmatically instead of using a text file.
  • example5 - This example will do some changes, will try to commit them, will detect that something went wrong and it will finally rollback the changes.