python binding for iOS automation using frank.

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pip install pyfrank==0.2.8


pyfrank - python binding for iOS automation using frank.

pyfrank is an API to interact with frank, the iOS automation framework.


Option 1:

  1. Clone this repo or download the sources

  2. cd pyfrank

  3. python build

  4. sudo python install

Option 2:

sudo pip install pyfrank

#It's that simple

from pyfrank import *

# We are running a simulator with frank locally on port 32765
device = Device(host='', port=32765)

# Get the view representing a tab-bar button with the label "Mail"
view = device.getView(UiQuery("tabBarButton", {'marked': "Mail" }))

# Touch the button
response = view.touch()

if isinstance(response, Success):"Test mail button succeeded!");
elif isinstance(response, Failure):
    logging.error("Test mail button failed: %s", response)

#The object model


The first entry point for interacting with frank. It's constructor receives the host and the port of the frank enabled device.


from pyfrank import *

device = Device("", 32765)
# Type text into the keyboard

# Execute a method 
device.appExec("methodSignature", "arg1", "arg2", ...)

# Get the accesibility state
accessibilityEnabled = device.accessibilityCheck()

# Get the device orientation
orientation = device.getOrientation()
if orientation == Orientation.PORTRAIT:
    print "Portrait"
elif orientation == Orientation.LANDSCAPE:
    print "Landscape"

# Get the application layout graph
dump = device.dump()


In frank views can be found using a special query language called "UiQuery".


from pyfrank import *

UiQuery("view:'UIImageView' marked:'ProfilePicture'")


View allows to perform operations on the view(s) that match a UiQuery.

#Get the profile picture view
view = device.getView(UiQuery({'view': 'UIImageView'}, {'marked': 'ProfilePicture'}))

#Flash the profile picture
r = view.flash() 

#Test for success
if isinstance(r, Success):
    print "Flashed the profile picture!"
    print "Failed flashing profile picture"

#Touch the profile picture
r = view.touch()

#Get the title text input view
input = device.getView(UiQuery({'view', 'UITextField'}, {'marked': 'Title'}))
r = input.setText("New title text")    

if isinstance(r, Success):
    print "Title input was changed successfully."
    print "Failed changing title input"

Retrieve a view property

view = device.getView(UiQuery({'view':'UILabel'}, { 'marked':'Pull down to refresh...' }))

# Pull out the 'text' attribute.
r = view.text()

if isinstance(r, Success):
    labelText = r['results'][0]

    print "The text of the UILabel is", labelText
    print "I seriously failed to retrieve the UILabel text attribute", r

Take a screenshot


Run javascript code inside a WebView

view = device.getView(UiQuery('webView', { 'index':0 }))

# Fetch the URL from JS
url = view.stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString('location.href').results()[0]
print "URL:", url

# Pop up an alert box
view.stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString("alert('Hello from pyfrank!')")

#More information on frank