Minimalistic library for parsing and navigating the hOCR

hocr parse
pip install pyhocr==4.0.0


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pyhocr is a Python package to help you parse and navigate hocr documents.


To install the module, run:

pip install pyhocr


pyhocr parses the following elements from hocr:

  • ocr pages: represented by <ocr_page>,
  • ocr content areas: represented by <ocr_carea>
  • ocr paragraphs: represented by <ocr_par>
  • ocr lines: represented by <ocr_lines>
  • ocr words: represented by <ocr?_words

and returns them as Page, Blocks, Paragraphs, Lines, and Words objects respectively.

You can navigate through the hocr by asking for any children elements or any parent element. You can navigate down the structure like:

import pyhocr

with open('example.hocr') as f:
    hocr_string =

hocr_document = pyhocr.parse(hocr_string)

# get the first page
page = hocr_document.pages[0]

# pulling all lines out:
lines = page.lines

# getting text of last line
last_line_text = lines[-1].text

# getting all words of page
words = page.words

Or navigate up the data structure by:

# get parent page
page =

# get parent line
line = word.line

# get parent block
line = word.block

# get parent page of the block
page =


Please feel free to post pull requests or report issues.