Python OO API package to automate Ixia IxLoad traffic generator

ixload, l4l7, test, tool, ixia, automation
pip install pyixload==3.0.3


TGN - Traffic Generator IXL - IxLoad

This package implements Python OO API for Ixia IxLoad traffic generator.

Installation: stable - pip instsll pyixload

Functionality The current version supports the following test flow: Load configuration -> Get/Set attributes -> Start/Stop traffic -> Get statistics. Supported operations: - Basic operations - get/set attributes, get/create children. - Load configuration - load configuration (rxf), select test, reserve ports and analyze the configuration - Start/Stop - test - Statistics - read views - Save configuration - Disconnect

Known limitations: - When using remote IxLoad gateway, configurations with additional files (on top of the rxf itself) are not supported.

Contact: Feel free to contact me with any question or feature request at