Run pylint recursively on all py files in current and sub-directories

pylint, python
pip install pylint-runner==0.6.0



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A simple pylint application that scans the current directory and any sub-directories recursively, then runs pylint on all discovered .py files.



Preferred installation method:

pip install pylint_runner

From source:

python install

When installed, this will create an executable pylint_runner, pylint_runner#, and pylint_runner#.# where the first # represents the major version of Python (2 or 3) and the second # represents the minor version of Python. So if installed by Python 2.7, you will have available pylint_runner, pylint_runner2, and pylint_runner2.7 so as to allow usage by however many installed versions of python on the system as pylint is version dependent on its output (due to using the Python AST).



Output is standard pylint output. There should be no output if no issues were found.

In case of issues, you should see output similar to:

************* Module
C: 24, 0: Missing function docstring (missing-docstring)
************* Module tests.foo_tester
C: 19, 0: Final newline missing (missing-final-newline)
C: 19, 0: Invalid constant name "a" (invalid-name)

Additional Arguments

See the standard help ouput:

pylint_runner -h

Verbose mode

pylint_runner -v

Verbose mode lists all files that were found for testing immediately, along with the pylint output.

This will generate (if run against this repo):

Using pylint 1.6.5 for python 2.7.11
pylint running on the following files:
- pylint_runner/
- pylint_runner/
- tests/
- tests/
- tests/tests/

************* Module tests.test_runner
I:  1, 0: Locally disabling missing-docstring (C0111) (locally-disabled)


This allows you to specify a pylintrc file to be used using --rcfile path_to_file.

It may be a relative, or absolute path and defaults to .pylintrc at the current working directory.

It will read the value of ignore from the rcfile and ignore any matching files/folders while building the list of files to pass to python.

It will also pass that rcfile for use by pylint.