AWS cli assume role and Okta authentication.

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pip install pyokta-aws-cli-assume-role==0.3.0



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Okta-AWS auth tool for humans

If you login to AWS via Okta SAML federation and assume an IAM role, this tool will help you easily achieve pragmatic access to AWS via the aws cli and SDKs. Also helpful for running terraform/terragrunt, packer, and credstash with iam roles.

Replaces okta-aws-cli-assume-role

NOTICE: This project is still in rapid development phase. You can subscribe to new release notifications via github. Upgrade to the most recent release via pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir pyokta-aws-cli-assume-role.

Table of Contents


  • MFA: SMS
  • MFA: Okta mobile app
  • All major operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac).

Please create an issue for bugs or feature requests (if not already mentioned in roadmap or other issues).

Why a new tool?

Benefits over existing tool

  • No PATH changes or overriding aws executables - you're still using native awscli.
  • Supports multiple tenants.
  • One consistent config file for all tenants.
  • Env var changes are 100% optional.
  • Cleaner https error output.
  • Easy to install.
  • JVM not required.

Existing tool features missing in this tool

These features are planned to be supported in the near future. See roadmap.

  • Interactively select from multiple mfa options.
  • Set desired mfa option via cli args, env vars, or config file.
  • Support Okta mobile app mfa (currently only sms is verified to work).
  • Cross-OS compatibility
  • Okta token caching/refresh.

Getting Started


  • python 3.5+
  • pip
  • awscli: pip install --upgrade awscli


pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir pyokta-aws-cli-assume-role

To check the install and output the current version, run: pyokta-aws --version


Configuration can be input via cli args, env vars, or the pyokta-aws config file described above. Configuration takes presidence as follows: cli args > env vars > config file. For all supported args and env vars, run pyokta-aws --help and pyokta-aws [COMMAND] --help.


Run pyokta-aws configure for interactive configuration (WIP).

Config file

Default configuration file location is ~/.pyokta_aws/config.

Example config file:

region = us-east-1
okta_org =
okta_aws_app_url =
aws_role_to_assume = arn:aws:iam::987654321:role/AWSAdmin
aws_idp = arn:aws:iam::987654321:saml-provider/Okta
username = johnsmith
sts_duration = 14400
mfa_choice = sms
  • region: Target AWS region. (Will override default region in target aws cli profile)
  • okta_org: Base domain for okta org.
  • okta_aws_app_url: Okta app url (can be found by hovering over aws app chiclet).
  • aws_role_to_assume: Found in AWS console under IAM > Roles > <role_id>. Look for ARN.
  • aws_idp: Found in AWS console under IAM > Identity Providers > <provider_id>. Look for ARN.
  • username: (optional) Okta username.
  • password: (optional) it is recommended to omit or leave it blank and enter it interactively.
  • sts_duration: (optional) Duration (in seconds) to keep token alive. Max duration found in IAM > Identity Providers > <provider_id>.
  • mfa_choice: (optional) If you have multiple MFA factors registered, you can skip interactive factor selection by setting preferred mfa choice. Current options are sms and app (i.e. Okta mobile app).


To authenticate via okta and assume an aws profile, run:

pyokta-aws auth --profile <aws_profile>

For all supported auth args, run pyokta-aws auth --help.

For all supported commands, run pyokta-aws --help.

How it works

The main pyokta-aws auth command authenticates with Okta and aquires a temporary set of credentials from AWS STS. These credentials get written to your local aws credentials file. This allows the aws cli and other tools like terraform/terragrunt, packer, and credstash to run as expected without needing to override the awscli executable or export environment variables.

Before auth happens, your local aws cli config profile is updated via the profile and region set in the pyokta-aws config. Treat your pyokta-aws config file as the single source of truth for aws cli config when authenticating with Okta.


  • pypi package
  • cli and settings loaders
  • support multi-tenant settings
  • ci (testing) 👷
  • okta auth
  • okta 2fa (sms)
  • get saml from okta app
  • aws auth via okta auth
  • aws config if not previously setup
  • basic documentation 📝
  • support multiple 2fa methods
  • interactive initial config 🚸
  • readthedocs 📝
  • many more tests
  • windows support 🏁
  • ci/cd (deploy to pypi)?
  • aws role list selection in interactive mode 🚸
  • okta 2fa (okta mobile app)
  • push notification 2fa
  • use context managers to auto-cancel okta verifications on cancel
  • okta token cache/refresh to speedup multiple logins 🚸