Re-implementation and packaging of PyPackerDetect

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pip install pypackerdetect==1.1.0


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Detect packers on PE files using heuristics and signatures.

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A complete refactoring of this project to a Python package with a console script to detect whether an executable is packed.

pefile is used for PE parsing. peid is used as implementation of PEiD.

$ pip install pypackerdetect
$ pypackerdetect --help
usage examples:
- pypackerdetect program.exe
- pypackerdetect program.exe -b
- pypackerdetect program.exe --low-imports --unknown-sections
- pypackerdetect program.exe --imports-threshold 5 --bad-sections-threshold 5

💡 Detection Mechanisms

  • PEID signatures
  • Known packer section names
  • Entrypoint in non-standard section
  • Threshhold of non-standard sections reached
  • Low number of imports
  • Overlapping entrypoint sections

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