Release pypi package to Pinrepo

pypi, pinrepo, pinterest, artifact, repository
pip install pypi-release==1.0.2



Pinrepo is a highly scalable solution for storing and serving build artifacts such as debian packages, maven jars and pypi packages.

  • Simple: publish and store build artifacts in AWS S3; serve with Nginx reverse proxy
  • Extensible: could easily add other format support such as RPM
  • Reliable: highly available nginx cluster and AWS S3 service
  • Scalable: nginx layer scales horizontally; AWS S3 backend is highly scalable
  • Devops-friendly: has been running in production for 8 month with virtually no maintenance

Find more details on the design at

  1. nginx contains a Makefile to build a simple nginx with the minimum set of modules to run Pinrepo.

  2. deb contains an nginx config file for debian package repo and instructions to publish debian packages

  3. maven contains an nginx config file for maven repo and instructions to publish maven jars

  4. pypi contains an nginx config file for pypi repo, the pypi-release source code and instructions to publish pypi packages

A note about S3 region

The list of available regions can be found under

If you use the US Standard default region, specify external-1 as the region variable.