A probabilistic programming system for simulators and high-performance computing (HPC), based on PyTorch

probabilistic, programming, simulation, deep, learning, inference, compilation, markov, chain, monte, carlo
pip install pyprob==1.5.0


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PyProb is a probabilistic programming system for simulators and high-performance computing (HPC), based on PyTorch. The main focus of PyProb is on coupling existing simulation code bases with probabilistic inference with minimal intervention.

PyProb is currently a research prototype, with more documentation and examples on the way. Watch this space!

Support for multiple languages

We support front ends in multiple languages through the PPX interface that allows execution of models and inference engines in separate programming languages, processes, and machines connected over a network.

Inference engines

PyProb currently provides the following inference engines:

  • Markov chain Monte Carlo
    • Lightweight Metropolis Hastings (LMH)
    • Random-walk Metropolis Hastings (RMH)
  • Importance sampling
    • Regular sequential importance sampling (proposals from prior)
    • Inference compilation

Inference compilation is an amortized inference technique for performing fast repeated inference using deep neural networks to parameterize proposal distributions for importance sampling. We are planning to add other inference engines, e.g., variational inference.

Installation, documentation, and examples


Information and citing

If you would like to learn more about or cite the techniques PyProb uses, please see the following papers:

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PyProb is distributed under the BSD License.


PyProb has been developed by the following core team. For the full list of contributors, see https://github.com/pyprob/pyprob/graphs/contributors